Hiring Trend: Hiring From Within

Article Date: 11/12/2013

A new corporate trend in hiring.  Companies are turning to moving employees around instead of increasing their workforce.  This is a time and money saving option that is becoming very popular in today’s economy.  With companies trying to figure out how to cut the fat and reduce overhead employees positions are being combined leaving room to eliminate others.  With minimal involvement from the HR department and reduced training time this is a win for the company.  Many companies will include an employment background re-check as part of the move ensuring there have been no changes in the employee’s background history.  Global Information Network, LLC offers its clients a recheck package checking only the needed reports such as criminal background check, driving record, employment credit report and sex offender checks.  Re-check packages come with a reduced price saving even more to the bottom line compared to a new hire background check which many times will include previous employers and education verification’s.

With companies looking to downsize the option of hiring from within is taking hold of corporate America and internationally.  Global Information Network, LLC international division has seen an increase of this practice over the last year.  Until consumer growth and corporate confidence becomes a steady reality Global Information Network believes we will see more of this economically smart trend.